4 Food Substitutes For A Low Calorie Christmas

Christmas food is normally rich in calories and processed carbohydrates. Eating too many mince pies or overindulging on chocolate can quickly lead to some unwanted festive weight gain. Fortunately, this year you can ensure that you avoid the Christmas bulge by taking advantage of these 4 food substitutes for a low calorie Christmas.

1) CLOTTED CREAM > NATURAL YOGURT:- Clotted cream is added to most desserts around Christmas time. However, this tasty treat comes at a cost of 5.86 calories per gram (g) so even a small portion can have a negative impact on your waistline. Swapping the clotted cream for natural yogurt reduces this calorie cost to just 0.63 calories per gram and also adds some highly beneficial nutrients to your dessert.

2) CHRISTMAS PUDDING > FRUIT SALAD:- Christmas pudding is a favourite for many people during the cold, festive period. Unfortunately, enjoying too much of this dessert can lead to you piling on the pounds rather quickly with 1g of Christmas pudding containing 3.3 calories. Substituting Christmas pudding for fruit salad cuts down the calorie count to just 0.88 per gram. Fruit salad is also rich in a number of key nutrients meaning that it will boost your health 롤대리 and help you enjoy a low calorie Christmas.

3) MINCE PIES > DRIED RAISINS:- Mince pies are almost everywhere you look over Christmas. Whether you are at home, at work or even walking down the street there are probably some mince pies not too far away. However, overindulging on this festive snack can cause rapid weight gain with an average mince pie coming in at a significant 3.36 calories per gram. Switching the mince pies for a small portion of dried fruits will give you a similar taste at a reduced cost of 2.72 calories per gram.

4) MINI SAUSAGE ROLLS > MINI TURKEY PIECES:- Mini sausage rolls and other snack foods often come out around Christmas time. Whilst 1 little sausage roll may not seem like much they do pack a calorific punch at 3.53 calories per gram. If you are at a party with mini sausage rolls on offer try looking for sliced pieces of turkey instead. Turkey comes in at a much leaner 1.27 calories per gram and also contains a number of important nutrients meaning that this smart party choice will help you enjoy a healthy, low calorie Christmas.


Christmas is traditionally a time when you let your hair down and relax your fitness routine. There is no harm in doing this and in many cases having a little break can make you come back to your fitness routine more determined and focussed than before. Just remember that moderation is key. 1 mince pie is not going to destroy your figure. However, going to a party and eating a mince pie, a handful of mini sausage rolls and a large portion of Christmas pudding with lashings of clotted cream will have an impact. If you find yourself eating large amounts of festive treats then try and make use of these smart food substitutes and have a low calorie Christmas.

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