Caring For Natural Wicker Furniture

Now that you have purchased Indoor Wicker Furniture your brand new wicker furniture, you are probably wondering as to how it should be cared for. This is the type of furniture that should not be cleaned with an “eventually” attitude. While wicker furniture is sturdy and can stand quite a deal of damage, regular maintenance and care can significantly extend its life.

Knowing what could damage your wicker furniture is another crucial part of taking care of it. Wicker furniture is specially made to be lightweight and durable and ideal for movement between the patio and house. On the patio, if furniture is subject to constant sunlight, the natural wicker could dry out and become brittle and easily breakable, considerably reducing its durability and overall quality. Luckily, this is easily remedied, as all that is needed to prevent this type of damage is keeping the wicker in the shade. No doubt those sitting on it would not want to be exposed to the sun on the patio; as such, something as simple as a stationary umbrella could keep cool both the furniture and those enjoying it.

Water damage is another thing to watch out for when keeping your wicker furniture outdoors. Rain can be avoided just like sunlight with the use of a stationary umbrella, but the moisture in the air will still affect the natural wicker. To counter-act this, simply move the furniture back indoors until the rain has passed and the humidity in the air has returned to normal. For overall protection against dust and staining (not to mention aesthetic appeal), keep a cushion cover over your furniture.

Protecting wicker furniture is an easy two-step process that can even be done with homemade materials. Take the furniture to a workable area and wash it down with detergent to get rid of all the dust and dirt. Mildew stains and damage can be just as easily removed with a detergent/bleach mixture. Keep the mixture on the furniture for a few minutes before rinsing it off again. The sprays ordinarily reserved for bathroom mildew could be applied to the furniture as well, but it is important to rinse it off with warm water as lingering could cause discoloring. After this cleaning, the next step is to use a covering that will protect the furniture. Lacquer finishes are a very tasteful touch that will increase the furniture’s durability and give the wicker a smooth shine. As you can see, caring for your furniture is not hard at all; the extended longevity resulting from your careful maintenance is very rewarding to behold.

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