Michigan Fireworks Laws – Democrats Light the Fuse For Small Fireworks Companies, KaBoom You’re Gone

Many hours, with many tax payers dollars burned in Lansing’s capitol as democrats work to purpose a new fireworks bill to lawmakers that will surely help Michigan when it approaches Washington for more unemployment benefits. Democratic law makers seem to have no regard to existing small fireworks, business owners operating in the state of Michigan. Small fireworks companies have been operating legally under current law for many years, law makers have lit the fuse. Then KaBoom, they’re gone. Representative Harold Haugh (D) of Macomb county, puts it clear when in his testimony before the appropriations committee, “we will start with a clean slate”, the majority of all small fireworks company owners are now opposing the bill in its entirety, due to the fact that it clearly does not fall under the “free enterprise” system of America, and the foundation on which it was presented was misleading to the committee.

Fireworks have received misleading media coverage for many years in Michigan, law enforcement officials have made public claims on television and radio to the fact that they are not legal in Michigan if they leave the ground or go bang. As presented in testimony before the committee, those very same remarks were made by those for the bill. Unfortunately the media and law enforcement do not completely advertise the law in its entirety or straight up should we say. “Fireworks in Michigan are illegal if they leave the ground or go bang, without a permit.” Permits can be obtained from city, village or township offices for legal aged consumers wishing to display a 1.4 g fuochi d’artificio online

previously know as Class C fireworks as long as they meet the simple qualifications. Michigan’s small fireworks dealers and companies have been operating under these laws for years. It has supplied for regulations in controlling who displays fireworks and has prevented many accidents and injuries from occurring.

Upon review of the current fireworks laws in Michigan, there is a serious question in regards to Amendment # 8 of the United States Constitution which prohibits excessive fines, purposed fines that are 10X the current rate are in fact excessive.

Many other questions now arise out the controversy over the fireworks laws after testimonies were given by all parties sponsoring and supporting the new fireworks law. Considering with due respect that we “wipe the slate clean” as Rep. Haugh testified before the committee, which could implement that all existing small fireworks companies are going to be put out of business.

Here is where the taxpayers of Michigan have many questions that have not been answered. We have listed them here for public review and encourage any tax paying citizen of the state of Michigan to write, call, fax or email there representative and demand answers:

Question 1: That the purposed law has requirements that call for large investments to be made by business owners so they can continue to do business status quo. What type of financial assistants plan are ready and available to where there are no interruptions in the ability to sustain and maintain there current business and lifestyle. What are the terms, where do small business owners I pick up the check?

Question 2: All laws and programs have a cost factor, no documents have been found anywhere to this matter. Where can taxpayers obtain a detailed break down of all expected cost in regards to each service that is to be provided pertaining to this bill at the taxpayer expense. Where are monies coming from when, in the event of a short fall of business interest due to extravagant upfront fees and possible penalties. What happens as does in many cases if the law fails to generate the revenue numbers that fell out of the sky. How will the state fund this program prior to achieving the desired results? The track record so far on Michigan’s new laws in the last seven years is not a sunny picture.

Question 3: As a tax paying business, where can a citizen obtain a detailed and complete disclosure of the expected cost to operate, which will cover new jobs created, fire fighters, trucks, automobiles, gas, salaries, insurance, retirement funds, and personal effects required to do the job, and what is the burden to taxpayers until the program gets established, how will it be funded?

Question 4: Obviously there has been great interest in passing the bill for it to consume so much time and tax payers monies, where can tax paying citizens obtain documentation in regards to commitments in writing from any individual or retail establishments who have demonstrated a financial commitment to do business in Michigan under this purposed law? How much tax payers monies have been spent so far on the trying to pass a fireworks bill?

As every citizen in Michigan can see, without these answers, the view point is to oppose this bill until a legitimate bill with a solid foundation can be presented that protects both existing small and big businesses alike in Michigan, which also encourages growth in business and jobs for the state. Michigan is in fact Americas example state for the highest numbers of unemployed people.

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