Poker Chips Will Enhance Your Home Game

If you asked twenty people why they play poker, they would all say, “To make money” – and they’d all be lying. “To make money” is the reason that people go to work every day; it’s not the reason they play poker.

People play poker for the challenge. They play it for the camaraderie. They play for the experience. They play to have fun. Poker is a rich and complicated experience. It’s a game that takes minutes to learn and a lifetime to master. It’s a game that demands respect.

Anyone can run a home game with nothing but a deck of cards and a kitchen table and that’s fine if you’re only goal is to make money. But there’s something empty about playing poker with dollar bills on a kitchen table. It’s like drinking wine straight from the bottle. There’s just something wrong about it.

Cheap poker chips aren’t much better than dollar bills. The dewapoker experience is a little better, but the chips sound hollow and they’re clumsy to handle. You may not be drinking wine straight from the bottle anymore, buy you are drinking it from a water glass-not much better.

Now imagine a poker game that’s set up on a beautiful new Texas Hold’em table with a new set of clay poker chips. The felt is soft and it makes sweeping the chips easy. The clay chips provide and added dimension to the game- the soft, musical clinking sound that occurs when you toss the chips in the pot. Now you’re drinking wine from fine crystal stemware.

A good set of poker chips is still a necessity for those players who insist that they play poker only for money. Psychological studies show that people play looser when they use poker chips.

The reason for the looser play is because poker chips are symbolic representations of real money. It’s easier to throw a $100 chip into the pot than it is to throw a $100 bill into the pot. Poker chips provide a mental degree of separation from “real money.” That’s good news for you because a loose home game is a profitable home game.

Looser games aren’t the only benefit that poker chips provide. They provide a rich poker playing experience. They provide an authentic casino feel. Have you ever tried to rifle through a stack of dollar bills at a table? Not much fun. Not nearly as fun as shuffling chips or pulling off a chip twirl.

There’s also something to be said about a nice set of poker chips as a status symbol. Cheap plastic chips say, “I play poker every once in a while.” But a nice set of clay poker chips say, “I love this game; I’m a poker connoisseur- and I know what I’m doing.” Those of you who’ve played with clay poker chips before know the difference they make in game play. Those of you who haven’t, probably think I’m exaggerating.

If you haven’t played with clay chips before, go out and get a set. It is truly a different poker playing experience and one not to be missed.

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